10 Week Challenge!
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Our next 10 WEEK CHALLENGE is happening from 
Tues 19 Apr to Sat 25 Jun 2022


Session times: 

Tuesdays: 5.30am - 6.00am

Thursdays: 5.30am - 6.00am

Saturdays: 6.00am - 7.00am


Location: Raymond Park, Kangaroo Point

(under the air raid shelter behind the Pineapple Hotel)


$300 for the full 10 Week Challenge


$10 for a casual session



WHAT YOU GET - 10 Week Challenge:

  • A brilliant varied training program:

    • LIVE sessions with technique correction and coaching.

  • THINK ACTIVE At-Home Exercise eBook:

    • Filled with body-weight and banded workouts ideal for small spaces (like your lounge room or bedroom!)​

  • Private Facebook group:

    • ​​For support and accountability - what happens in our group STAYS in our group!

  • End of Challenge CELEBRATION event:

    • No matter the challenge, we will find a way to PARTY! From axe throwing, picnics and hikes, karaoke, tough mudder, darts...we like to mix it up and celebrate in style!


One-on-one or with up to 4 friends. Organise a private session and workout when and where you like!

Take the time to focus solely on your needs - physically, mentally and emotionally.


See your fitness improve and have a mindset that ensures you have a healthy habit for life.

Duration: 45mins

Cost: $70 per session

10 Pack: $600 ($60 per session)



Private Small Group Sessions: Invitation only - so it's a group of people you feel comfortable being around.

Min. 4 people - $15 each per session


Schedule and pay for Personal Training Sessions, our Invitation-only Private Group Classes or our signature 10 Week Challenge program via our online client management system. 


THINK ACTIVE is about more than exercise.

THINK ACTIVE is about linking thoughts and movement. It's about recognising that the way you think determines the way you operate.

Your thoughts determine your outcome. 


At THINK ACTIVE we've discovered there's a way to level up. A way to direct your thoughts so you CAN achieve your goals.


The key to it all is you need to PRACTICE how you want to PLAY in life.


THINK ACTIVE is the place to train your body and your brain simultaneously, so when you face life's challenges, muscle memory kicks in, neurological pathways are clearly embedded and you KNOW what to do.

THINK ACTIVE is a safe place for clients to step up their game and operate the way they've always wanted. To combine their psychology and their physiology. To receive coaching while getting fit, so they can master all aspects of their life: personal, professional and physical. 

Want in? Join THINK ACTIVE today.


Loretta Olivotto

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Founder / Head Thinker


I have spent my career in a variety of businesses, big and small. With a MBA and Bachelor of Business (Mgmt), I've worked as a Marketing Manager for Westfield; a Project Manager for a tech start-up in Boston, USA; and co-owned a successful Marketing and Events consultancy in Brisbane (creating flagship events for brands such as Lexus).

I discovered fitness over 15 years ago, and having lost over 17kgs, I understand the sometimes challenging journey to sustained fitness.

I have a passion for understanding the neuroscience behind why we do what we do, and how the power of habit translates into everyday life.


I developed THINK ACTIVE to challenge people's perceptions of exercise, so they can develop a keystone habit that can transform their life, their family and workplace. 


"I recently completed the 8 Week Challenge and absolutely loved it. I personally got so much out of it, it was not what I expected as it was not just about exercising. It was so much more than that, connecting the emotions and feeling to the exercise helped me get greater results than I had ever had before. Looking forward to the next 8 Week Challenge."

V. Shaw, East Brisbane

"I completed an 8 Week Challenge with Loretta more than six months ago, and at the time I was absolutely thrilled with the results - I was fitter, faster, stronger and leaner than I had ever been and I actually WANTED to exercise...which was a very new feeling for me. Exercise had not been a priority in the past nine years as a busy mum! But the true test is time, would the results stick? And here I am, six months later and I am proud to say that I am still actively going to a gym at least two times per week. I have a whole new outlook on my fitness, and this is thanks to Loretta. I do weights, I do cardio!! I can do a burpee!! So if you want to see results, and you want to make a change, do yourself a favour and call Loretta!! It will change your life."

J. Arhanic, Kangaroo Point

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