Can I start tomorrow?

We all know THAT feeling.

Daunted. Overwhelmed. A little scared. Worried that it's going to be just like the last time - hard, with the potential of failing...yet again.

But then there is that other feeling. The niggling one deep down that wants to be better. Do better. Achieve the goal.

The one that dreams of the way that achieving the goal would feel. The feeling when you walk into a room, shoulders back, head held high. With the swagger of success. The air of confidence. The feeling of pride in achieving what you set out to.

You'd no longer be just dreaming about it. You'd have done it. And you'd be able to bask in the glory of that feeling.

But, back to reality. To the feeling of discomfort. Of fear. Of doubt.

The thing is - without feeling the fear, doubt and discomfort, you wouldn't be able to feel the confidence and success. You need night to know what day is. So the key is not to try to block and blinker out the feeling of fear and doubt, but to fully feel it - AND THEN GET STARTED ANYWAY.

Courage isn't the absence of fear - it's action in spite of it. And while you may argue you are not on the battlefield in the middle of a war zone, as far as your mind is concerned, it's fighting a battle just the same. An internal dialogue where battle lines are drawn and the contest is fierce.

It's time to take the hill. Are you going to stay in the bunker (where the fighting overhead remains constant), or are you going to charge out and see what happens.

This guy feels fear and moves anyway. And he loves face paint.

Most of us aren't going to die by taking a risk. So what are you waiting for?

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