Exercise is not that important.

Controversial statement I know (especially coming from a Personal Trainer) but let me clear, exercise is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle BUT only when we can manage our energy levels and it works with our lifestyle.


Most of my clients are not zippy young 20-somethings with the ability to go clubbing and back it up with an early shift at the local café.

They are hardworking professionals, often juggling multiple responsibilities – a career, family, partners, friends, ageing parents, volunteering, a social life and then trying to squeeze in some ME TIME as well.

Let me be clear – exercise helps you to stay healthy, strong, is critical for maintaining muscle strength, aids in maintaining bone density (I can go on…), but it will only work if you are physically equipped to handle it.

If you are not ACTIVELY MANAGING your SLEEP and your WATER INTAKE, no matter how many workouts you schedule, you will feel drained, run-down, and exhausted.

Exercise will be overwhelming your nervous system and over time you will wear down your energy stores; your immune system will suffer and you will find you don’t “bounce back” as well. Next minute you are stressed out of you brain all the time and every additional element you add keeps driving that sense of physical and mental overwhelm…

In short, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s how you combat it.

1. SLEEP. Make it your focus, not an afterthought for when you’ve completed all your daily tasks. Plan for it, actively schedule your sleep time and work back at least 1 hour beforehand to start your wind down/preparation process. No blue light (laptop/phone screens), and a nightly routine that will help your brain recognise that its “SLEEP TIME”. We do it for toddlers, cause it WORKS.

2. WATER. Your brain and body NEED WATER. Adequate hydration helps your brain work better, so you make smarter decisions, and help your muscles recover faster.

Get these two under control and then watch your exercise output improve – your workouts will feel amazing, you will feel stronger, recover faster and start to feel the energy you no doubt crave.

Trust me on this.

Give it a crack – for at least 2-3 weeks - and tell me how you go!

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