Finding the balance

I've come to realise the thing I struggle with the most is the notion of "BALANCE".

Trying to keep the family ticking over, maintain a social life, exercise (key for my mental health), and run a business is a recipe for overwhelm.

My go-to when I feel overwhelmed is super productive (NOT!)...I tune out, sit on the couch and either surf Insta or watch KUWTK (my guilty pleasure - sorry, not sorry!).

Ironically what I'm coming to realise is that I'm actually UNDER CHALLENGED. Don't get me wrong, I have a few balls I'm trying to keep in the air, but I'm also feeling (on a regular basis) that I'm meant for something MORE THAN THIS.

It's not that I'm ungrateful, if anything its the opposite. I feel like I have the capacity to be doing more with what I've got. That I'm so fortunate to be alive and healthy that I should be using my time for something more than scrolling social media and watching reality tv.

So - I've set myself a BHAG. A Big Hairy Audacious Goal. You know the kind of goal that makes you scared to tell anyone in case you don't achieve it. Or for that matter get anywhere NEAR to achieving it.

But, screw it. I've only got one life and if I want my kids to set ambitious goals I need to lead from the front and expect the same of myself.

So I'm challenging myself to compete in a Masters Sprint event. Specifically the 100m.

Do I have a background in athletics? Nope! Have I ever done any running beyond a casual 5km around the neighbourhood? Nope!

But life is for living and I'm going to be giving this my best shot.

I'm starting up with a Strength and Conditioning coach and Sprint Coach. I'm going to give this my best shot and no matter what happens, I'm going to learn A LOT along the way.

And - for ULTIMATE ACCOUNTABILITY, I'm going to document my journey. I'll be blogging, and posting on FB and Insta about my training, progress and lessons along the way.

I'm excited and nervous. Bring it on!

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