Getting caught up

Did you remember I had a blog? Yeah - same here.

It was about 10.30pm last night and I couldnt sleep. I was deep in the rabbit hole ruminating on all the things I haven't been doing - that old chestnut I like to go to to make myself feel extra amazing before bed.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Lord knows. But last night's session was a treat. I was out of bed, staring blankly at the TV screen while a simultaneous slide show was going on in my head - a highlight reel of all the things I'd decided to do lately and dropped the ball on...

Everyone has their list. Mine at the moment includes emails, website, calling the Dr to book a check-up (they legit rang me the other week to ask if I was still a patient there - that's how long its been...), the electrician to sort out the light that's sparking when we turn it on (yep, potential fire risk and I left it for 3 days...), not to mention the MOUNTAIN of clean washing I cant bring myself to fold and put away.

This doesn't even delve into friendships and relationships, mothers day and upcoming anniversary presents I haven't even thought of yet...

Can you sense the overwhelm? Yep, I'm all but drowning in it.

And here's the thing. IT NEVER GOES AWAY.

There is never a time "you finally get on top of everything". It just doesnt exist. But, you can carve out moments to breathe. To choose YOU, not the to-do list. So that when you step back into your life and your list, you feel calm, ready and focused.

I'm about to go fold a stack of washing and then do some boxing. Its the heart-rate raising activity I need to breathe and sweat out all my frustrations and come back ready to go (and that's just the washing!)

So when overwhelm hits (cause it will!), make sure you carve out time to breathe and regroup before you tackle the list. It's so worth it.

In my mind, this is how I look doing laundry...

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