Motivation. What to do when you aren't feeling it...

Do you ever just wake up and feel....meh...?

Like the will to do anything beyond lie in bed has up and left your body?!

EVERYONE gets that feeling. The key is what you do with it.

I find motivation to be like the breeze. Some days its blowing and everything is awesome, some days its choppy, gusty winds and quite frankly all over the shop, and other days its completely disappeared.

I have a couple of different ways I tackle a lack of motivation.

First, I determine how I FEEL about my goal. Am I truly excited? Or ambivalent? The goal is only going to come to fruition if I actually care about it.

My second focus is to understand resistance. For me, resistance is any type of invisible force that rises up to block anyone who wants to accomplish anything. If you want anything worthwhile, hands down you will notice this resistance. It is often that quiet voice in your head trying to convince you to "rest up" before you start. Ironically it will make you feel bored, tired and actively help you avoid the task at hand.

The best counter resistance? ACTION! You have to push against the resistance.

The thing I love about exercise is how much it mirrors everyday life. You want to get stronger? Lift weights (heavy weights or even body weight). What do weights provide the body with? Resistance.

Want to practice building your motivation muscle? Get training and start practicing how you want to play in life.

Take action today.

Find your motivation and climb the damn mountain!

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