Remember to RECHARGE

My amazing UE speaker recharging at my desk

This is my brilliant UE speaker.

I use daily when training my team. It is weather and waterproof and I’ve been known to accidentally kick it from time to time...whoops 😳. It’s still working well and is awesome when it is blasting out my favourite tune (...which is “Bring Sally Up” by Moby while doing a push up challenge of course 😂😂).

But... I often forget to recharge it. I let The battery run really low until the red light is flashing or it just stops working.

Naturally, that’s a problem because I run the risk of not having it available when I need it.


We keep “pushing through” our circumstances, frequently ignoring the signals our body gives us physically (aches, pains, niggles) and our mind gives us mentally (stress, negative thoughts and self talk, anger, resentment).

Eventually we fall in a heap either burning out, getting sick, or succumbing to an injury. Often these are AVOIDABLE.

Don’t wait for your battery to run low before you stop and recharge.

Eat nutritious food; go for a walk or an exercise session; ask for help at work or let your boss know what you need. If you’re the boss - lead from the front and show your team what real self care looks like.

I'm not talking corporate wellness programs (although I CAN HELP WITH THAT!!), but by asking for help (from your superior, colleagues or the team you manage), showing your team it’s okay to leave early when you need to, or admit you’re stressed and need 5 mins to regroup.

We can’t wait for big life moments and our annual holiday to recharge.

It’s about constant top ups so we’re always feeling recharged.

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