The guts to listen

Recently, I was walking into the shops when I saw a person with a clipboard trying to catch my eye.

I was in a rush and, in an instant, I knew that this person was going to want to talk to me for a long time, tell me about something I wasn't interested in and ask me for money.

Years of previous experience and observations, led me to hypothesise exactly what was going to transpire. They were going to tell me about their cause and hit me up for a donation.

My instincts were confirmed when the person called out "Can I have a moment of your time?", to which I politely declined as I simultaneously sped up and walk/ran past them (#aintnobodygottimeforthat ).

In that moment, my intuition was on point. It assessed the situation and formulated a conclusion which eventually transpired. It enabled me to prepare a reaction so when it occurred, I was already moving.

But let's be honest, we don't always get it right. Our intuition can sometimes cause us to doubt ourselves, second guess our decisions, and talk ourselves out of things that we want to achieve or know are good for us.

Can anyone else relate?

Sometimes our fears can appear like our "intuition" and can result in us making unsupportive decisions and doing things that are not ideal. things that move us further away from our goals. Like eating foods we KNOW are working against the training we are doing and goals we have in mind. Like not working on our business when we know we want it to succeed more than anything.

Why? We are listening to the loudest voice in the room (aka our head). And we are not running critical cross-checks.

Next time you feel like you are unsure if its your INTUITION or your FEAR talking, run this simple diagnostic:

1. How much quality practice have you had in this situation? Are you attempting to lose weight and try new things/eat in a new way? Or are you running from the donation chaser who's in the mall every week?

2. Is the thought supportive? Is this "intuition" helping you achieve your goal? Or is it tearing you down and making you feel guilty and like crap.

Answer these two questions and get a level of clarity around your gut instinct today.

Woman smiling while sitting in the long grass at sunset
She's trusted her instinct and is confident she didn't sit in dog poo. Smile away sister!

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