Training with purpose

Some people like to train solely for the feeling of "fit". Knowing you can tackle a flight of stairs with ease or make it through an entire workout without stopping.

But for others - their motivation to maintain a training regime can falter if they are not moving for a higher purpose.

Whatever your goal - the key is ROUTINE! Your motivation will waiver - no matter what, so developing routines and rituals around your training will help you stay the course.

I'm SO PUMPED to be supporting my dear friend Erica with her training program for her upcoming KOKODA trek.

The program is designed to get Erica stronger, build her overall fitness and endurance, work on muscle activation (rectifying muscle imbalances) and enable her to feel ready for the rigorous journey that lies ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates on Erica's progress - I'll be sharing a few of her workouts - so you can train like a KOKODA athlete - as well as insights from the woman herself as she prepares for this life changing adventure.

...and if you are contemplating an amazing physical challenge and want some support - I'd LOVE TO HELP YOU!

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