What do you deserve?

I was eating lunch and watching Dr Phil the other day (#relivingmyunidays), when the Doc dropped this pearler "We generate our results in life based on what we believe we deserve".

It hit me hard and I needed a moment to recover, so I’m going to wait while you reread that sentence - cause it’s blunt and can feel quite brutal.

But it’s true.

Let me be clear - it’s not talking about everything that happens in our life - some stuff happens TO us and is out of our control. All we can control in those situations is how we react and move forward.

This is about the things in life that you work and strive for, that you establish as a goal and take steps towards achieving.

Now I’m all for realistic goals - after all, we can’t have our head permanently in the clouds!

However we often minimise or downgrade our expectations - both in what the outcome will be and the level of effort we are capable of producing and sustaining.

On a subconscious level (i.e. on the level we often don’t realise is occurring, but the one we base most of our decisions on), we don’t feel we’re worthy of the dreams and big hairy audacious goals we’ve set.

It might be due to your childhood, your parents, relatives, friends, maybe you were bullied at school, maybe an experience shook you to your core and left you fearful of what could go wrong. Whatever the reason, you’re now playing small.

BUT KNOW THIS: you are worthy.

You were actually born worthy.

It’s about time you started believing it. And acting accordingly.

What do you deserve?

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