When one door closes...

That old saying "when one door closes another opens" sounds so poetic and...well, smooth. Like the other door is wide open and waiting for you to just turn slightly and glide on through.

I don't know about you, but this has NOT been my experience! The feeling for me has been more akin to one door closing, me thinking another door was the right one, pulling, then resorting to a crow bar to pry it open, only to find it still wasn't budging! Fast forward to me frantically spinning around in circles grabbing at all the surrounding door handles until I finally figured out what I needed to do was STOP (collaborate and listen - Vanilla Ice was WISE!).

It's funny how we get scared of STOPPING. I'm a brilliant example of someone who has had a pattern of being ridiculously busy. Work, family, volunteering - BUSY was my badge of honour. And also my escape. My way of drowning out the quiet voice inside. THAT voice was the scary one. The one that was telling me to slow down. To listen. To actually do less and be more present. To focus and double down on my strengths.

These days I'm far less "busy". Don't get me wrong - my days are flat out, but I'm not swinging wildly from one task to the next. I'm far more deliberate in my choices and I'm FANTASTIC at saying NO (I highly recommend it - it's seriously empowering and addictive!).

Anyway - back to doors.

THINK ACTIVE is the result of many doors. I knew in my heart what my passion was. How much I loved exercise, the science behind it, and how powerful movement and the expression of energy is for our body, mind and soul.

It took a few iterations to reach this milestone - launching THINK ACTIVE. But I'm thankful for the journey. I've learnt a lot about myself, business and how passionate I really am about this process.

I'm feeling STRONG, POWERFUL and READY - which is exactly how I want all my clients at THINK ACTIVE to feel.

Thanks for joining me on this journey fellow Thinkers.

All the doors!

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