You can take control of your life

HOO-RAH! How good do we all look on the TOUGH MUDDER finish line!

In case you've been under a rock and missed the numerous social media posts I've been making (haha!), this past weekend, several members of the 8 Week Challenge crew completed the Tough Mudder Classic.

The course is 16km and 26 obstacles of fun. It comprised hills, mud, hills, mud, hills and mud. Oh and did I mention the ice bath you had to put your head under...twice?!

It was a fantastic day out and I was beyond thrilled with how everyone on our team (and the competitors as a whole) rose to the challenge. We helped each other out (there were muddy hands offering help at every turn!) and laughed our way through the course.

As I reflected on that day I thought of how I wanted to savour that feeling - the sense of accomplishment, the pride in myself and my team, and the grit and determination we all showed to keep going when it felt relentless and never ending.

I realised that it is a CHOICE to remember. It is a CHOICE to attach meaning. And that CHOICE is something we have absolute power over.

We all chose to sign up for Tough Mudder. But, we don't necessarily get to choose what happens to us in life. Sometimes shit happens and life throws us curve balls we didn't anticipate or want.

But how we REACT and the MEANING we attach to the event...that's something we have ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER.

I hope the Think Active 8WC crew will always cherish their Tough Mudder experience as a beautiful opportunity to test themselves physically and mentally and rise to the challenge. I hope that it becomes a touchstone of their life - a moment they reflect on both now and in years to come as something powerful that they achieved.

And I hope that they carry with them the kernel of truth that just as they did that out there on the course, they can do it in ALL aspects of their life.

Because that's when you really can TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

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